Video surveillance systems are essential to improve security, prevent and discourage certain situations that might affect your business. You want to ensure that your system is properly connected at all times and that no information is lost, right? Then you will need the highest quality industrial connectors for it!

Here at Alfa’r Connectors we have industrial connectors for video surveillance that will help reinforce your CC systems. Let us show you!

Why is a video surveillance system so important?

The usefulness of a video surveillance system is vast and varied. It can help optimize operative timings for production tasks within your company.

In order for your staff to perform tasks safely, it is necessary for them to feel safe in the workplace, and a surveillance system can do just that.

The online video solutions don’t stop at bare surveillance. This is smart technology, featuring some AI characteristics. It can monitor, store information, analyse it and it is also able to send instant notifications when it registers some anomaly in the workspace.

Similarly, a video surveillance system allows you to properly manage restricted areas and spaces. It can generate databases to perform smart reconnaissance, such as facial recognition, licence plates tracking and much more. And for all of these functionalities, industrial connectors are essential in order to reinforce system security.

Industrial connectors for surveillance systems: BNC and TNC series

The most commonly used and better performing industrial connectors for video surveillance are the BNC (Bayonet Neil Concelman) and TNC (Thread Neil Concelman). Let’s see some of their technical specifications:

BNC Connectors

They can be employed in a variety of industrial sectors, including video surveillance. Their wide usage is due to their easy-to-use, bayonet-based connection and disconnection system.

These RF coaxials operate at 50 and 75 Ω, following IEC 169-8 regulations. On average, they have over 500 connection cycles. Additionally, they are provided with PTFE insulation and can withstand temperatures between -65 ºC and up to 165ºC.

TNC Connectors

This is another ideal option of industrial connectors for video surveillance systems. TNC Connectors operate through thread coupling, and they possess other characteristics that make them more durable and reliable than the BNC; they are in compliance with the IEC 169-17 regulation.

Their maximum frequency is 18 GHz (50 Ω) and 4 GHz (75 Ω). They have a maximum power of 80 W, with a work voltage of 500 VRMs and peaks of 1500 VRMS. Furthermore, they have a durability of more than 500 connection cycles and can withstand temperatures from -65ºC and up to 165ºC .

If you are in need of industrial connectors for video surveillance, the BCN and TNC series are your best choices. You can also contact us for personalized assessment and quote.