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Manufacturing connectors since 1965


Industrial connectors manufacturer

With more than 50 years of experience in connectivity solutions, ALFA’R has developed, day by day, its wide range of standard products: industrial connectors, cables, antennas and other passive components in Radiofrequency and Industrial Multicontacts. We are experts in B2B manufacturing and distribution of RF coaxial connectors, MC MultiContact (circular, rectangular, rack, contact modules), high current and voltage monopole, and custom connectors, as well as wiring and connection tools.

ALFA’R’s industrial connectors are used in different sectors, such as:

  • COMMUNICATION: Telecommunications, Broadcast, Signal Processing, etc.
  • TRANSPORT: Railway, Aerospace, etc.
  • INDUSTRIAL: Energy, Instrumentation, Automatism, Electromedicine, Security, Military, Robotics, Spectacular Lighting, etc.

In addition, several products have been developed in close cooperation with our customers to meet specific requirements.

Thus we are committed to providing you with tailor-made solutions for each application.

To achieve our goals, our team of professionals specializing in the design and manufacture of industrial connectors has all the necessary know-how to ensure the highest professional standards, providing solutions to almost any individual need.

our history

We were born in 1965 with the manufacture of audio connectors.
In the 80’s, audio connectors were progressively abandoned to focus on RF coaxial connectors for professional telecommunications: UHF, F, BNC, TNC, N series.
In the 90’s comes the consolidation of coaxials with new series, power as 7/16 or microcoaxials for microwaves, as well as RF devices. At the beginning of this decade we participated in the birth of private TV in Spain and its expansion.
In the second half of the 90’s, our company participates in the development of GSM repeater stations, being a supplier of the main mobile telephony operators.
The 2000’s are marked by the modernization of the company, in means of production, quality policies, security, and internationalization.
Later participates in the deployment of DTT, providing connectors and cabling to major operators
In 2010, the coaxial-RF connectors division is strengthened by introducing new products and the MultiContact connectors division is started, with which the connectivity offer is substantially broadened. From now on, also in the electrical sector.
And we continue to think and develop new products that make connectivity easier, more versatile and safer.

our philosophy


The quality in the product and quality in the service is our objective.


In a rapidly changing world we are attentive and proactive to new technological changes.


The customization of our products and the active participation of the client in the design is encouraged.


Strong investment of resources in the internationalization of our products in Europe, Asia and Latin America.


Resources are allocated to keep up to date with the means of production in order to meet the quality standards required by our most demanding customers.


The team that makes up the company believe in our work and we are passionate.

why choose us


In ALFA’R we know that each user has specific needs, and that each need requires dedicated connectors. We put at your disposal all our team of experts that will help you to design your needs, and will work with you so that the proposed solutions are 100% customized, exactly what you need.


In ALFA’R connectors we have been designing and manufacturing industrial connectors adapted to the needs of our consumers since more than 50 years, since 1965. More than 50 years working and learning every day have provided us with a great experience; which is our base to grow and focus on the future and new technologies.


In ALFA’R connectors we have evolved and grown focusing on the constant technological improvement and evolution of our customers. The customization of the connectors to the needs of our users is in our DNA and this makes us always seek to move forward and grow together with them; project by project, need by need.


We design, manufacture and distribute all our connectors from our facilities in Premià de Dalt (Barcelona). This total control of the process of creation and distribution of the connectors allows us to ensure a superior level of quality in all our products and services.


We carefully select the best suppliers to work with the best raw material, the most advanced technology and be able to offer, in this way, the best final result for our clients and their projects.


We know, like nobody else, the importance of a good connection. Beyond the personal commitment for quality in all its processes and services; Our products adapt to all the quality standards of the market. In our organization we have implemented the ISO9001 and ISO14001 quality and environmental regulations.


The confidence that the more than 50 years in the sector give us with the hundreds of satisfied customers is the central axis of our company and for what we work every day. We are passionate about our work.