The connectors of the TNC series (Thread Neil Concelman) have a threaded coupling that makes them more stable and reliable than the BNC series, they can be used in environments with important vibrations with excellent results. The applications of these TNC connectors are manifold: instrumentation, data communication, safety systems, broadcast, radio systems, etc… both at 50 Ω and 75 Ω, which can be interconnected. For 50 Ω, we can use it up to frequencies above 11 GHz, and for 75 Ω exceeds 1.5 GHz with optimal results of VSWR.

RF coaxial connectors TNC

We have a very flexible manufacturing program, which allows us to offer countless TNC coaxial connectors for standard or special cables (flexible, semi-rigid,…). Different versions of form: straight, angled, watertight panel, for printed circuit (PCB)… As for the assembly of the cable, we have versions soldered, cable gland, crimp…

Standard: IEC 169-17

Catalogue TNC connectors