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Three years ago, we developed our innovative Torsion Segment System, or TSS, for the Ø1.5 and the Ø3 diameter of contact. Today, by popular request, we implement this system for the Ø1 connectors.

The Torsion Segment System

We set out to create a new connecting system between male and female pieces, safer and more efficient, that would prevent false connections and contact problems. This was how the TSS system was born. It offers a complete connection, with a full-surface contact, providing total safety against false contacts. This results in a smooth, continuous and efficient connection, with no type of roughness or hard spots, that also improves the previous male/female pin connections.

Of course, the TSS system carries our quality and durability warranty and ensures over 500.000 insertions without showing any signs of wear or pressure loss that could cause the product to lose effectiveness.

Improves contact surface with minimal space, being able to increase the current with the same size of a conventional pin.

TSS for 1mm contacts

We have received a considerable number of good reviews from our clients with regards to our TSS system, but also plenty of requests to implement it for smaller connectors. And today we make that a reality.

Our multicontact circular connectors with 22 and 37 pins now carry the most efficient connecting system on the market, our TSS. Furthermore, we use in their making a silicone insulator to ensure they can withstand high temperatures, chemical agents and even severe weather conditions.

Besides, our new connectors are provided with an extra grip surface on both the male and female pins for greater adherence of the pins in the insulator in order to avoid their displacement or rotation in any circumstance.

And we’ll keep innovating!