The smart City Expo of Barcelona is one of the most important trade fairs that are organized in this city. In November 2022 there was a new edition. This fair has gathered experts around the world to debate solutions for efficient smart cities.

It is a singular opportunity for companies and professionals to share ideas and innovations in the scope of Smart Cities. During the exhibition, organizers proposed formative sessions, workshops, conferences, and expositions about last information and communication tech trends, among others.

One of the main issues focussed at Smart City Expo is the necessity and typology of industrial connectors and their implementation in the systems of smart cities. ALFA’R’s high-speed industrial connectors allow the connection of different electrical and electronic devices in a work area, so data moves at high speed, safely and efficiently between them. With this technology latency times are very short, enabling effective responses in real-time.

This technology is the key to Connected Cities implementation, achieving the interconnection and integration of data from different systems and devices in a network. Also allows the creation of monitoring solutions and data analytics of cities, which facilitates decision-making and improve the management at municipal level. Solutions for urban traffic, control of bus fleets, subways, municipal cleaning services, waste collection, flows of people, etc.

At the Smart City Expo fair, the latest trends in industrial connectivity have been discussed, as well as the challenges and opportunities that smart cities must overcome to take full advantage of the benefits of technology. Besides, an analysis of the tools and solutions currently available for the use of these connectors has also been carried out.

Definitely, Smart City Expo was a new opportunity for the experts and companies interested in going forward about the benefits of
industrial connectors and how to integrate them into Smart Cities necessities. It was a great event to discover the last trends and innovations in this industry, as well as to know the challenges that we face in ALFA’R to obtain effective solutions in the optimal management of our needs in the cities, minimize resources, and increase benefits and services. Making all this an easier and more sustainable life, using all the technology that we have within our reach.

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