Our range of High Speed connectors (HS) is integrated in the different cases solving electrical and mechanical problems and guaranteeing the reliability and durability of the products. These are professional connectors with intensive use and with high quality standards.   They are connectors designed to go outdoors, at sea, in means of transport, great pollution areas, in noisy or industrial environments, in 4.0 Industry applications, … It has made our priority to “encapsulate” this connectivity and to get it immune to severe environmental and industrial agents such as temperature extremes and abrupt temperature changes, vibrations, shocks, torsion forces, humidity, etc … And to a high number of interconnections for systems where many mating cycles are required.   They are versatile connectors and in some cases, HS data signals must coexist with signals of another nature such as power signals, Optical Fibre, Radio Frequency, in industrial environments with fluids, etc … We offer products with great integration of all types of signals for the creation of complete and scalable connectivity solutions.   Satisfactory achievement in the electrical response has been prioritized; mechanics; in safety and environment.   At an electrical level, the behaviour has been optimized in 4 measurements: constant and adapted characteristic impedance, measured through Time Domain Reflectometry TDR, and minimization of Return Loss RL, Insertion Loss IL, and crosstalk between channels. According to degree of shielding between pairs required, we offer solutions with the distributions shown:

Isolated pairs

Individual shielded pairs

Orthogonal pairs

The products comply with UL regulations. As regards flammability, they are regulated by UL 94 V0. The range of solutions includes from 10, 20, 30 and 40 sizes circular connectors; rectangular connectors with housing; floating systems for racks, etc …

Circular connectors T10:

Unshielded orthogonal distribution

12-pin distribution with pin protection line

Electric scheme 12-pin configuration with shielding screen.

Distribution of 8 pins (4 pairs) with body shielding

Circular connectors T20:

Distribution of 8 pins (4 pairs) with shielding body + 2 supply pins

Circular connectors T30:

Inclusion of RJ45 cat 6x / 7x or USB 3.x connector in base male:

Inclusion of RJ45 cat 6x / 7x or USB 3.x connector in aerial male:

Circular connectors T40:

Inclusion of RJ45 cat 6x / 7x or USB 3.x connector + auxiliary and supply pins 1,5 x2 + 3,0×9

Distribution of groups of 12 pins with shield line by pins + 6 auxiliary supply pins

Rectangular connector in housing:

Example layout with RJ45 cat 6x / 7x connectors, USB 3.x and orthogonal HS modules

Rectangular connector for removable rack systems:

In these connectors the guiding of the pair of connectors is especially sensitive, the connection is made “blind” by means of the rack equipment, without manual intervention.

In this case and to avoid problems in pin breakage or deterioration due to possible misalignments of the systems, we resort to our experienced floating guiding system, which perfectly aligns the connectors and avoids all kinds of interconnection problems.

Besides there are extreme mechanical protection for additional security according to the customer’s needs.

Removable modules for HS data (4 pairs)

Tools for assembly and installation

Tools with interchangeable tips for inserting and removing pins.

Support bases for mounting rack connectors:


Data pins from AWG28 (0.08mm2) up to AWG22 (0.33mm2), Supply pins, associated with data connectors, from AWG22 (0.33mm2) up to AWG17 (1mm2)..