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A few weeks ago, from ALFA’R we announced our participation in the Ocean Business 2023 event, but undoubtedly the experience has exceeded all our expectations.

This biannual ocean science and technology fair was held at the Southampton Oceanography Center (UK), which also houses the University of Marine Studies and Certification Laboratories.

A perfect setting to host the more than 5,000 experts from over 80 countries who attended the exhibitions and conferences, breaking attendance records.

What did we discover there?

The event featured 300 exhibitors, including our partner CEEP CONNECTORS, nearly 150 hours of live exhibits and a conference program with international leaders in the marine industry.

Advanced ocean robotics was one of the main attractions, with demonstrations of the latest and most sophisticated remotely operated vehicle (ROV) technology.

We especially enjoyed these live exhibits at the dock and test tank, which featured the latest innovations in fully autonomous and unmanned aquatic drones, robots, and vessels, which were monitored from a ship’s control center or even from land.

These tools are designed to perform ocean floor mapping, water status analysis, marine rescue, geological and seismic surveys… for which they require a large number of connectors in their communication devices, GPS, video and sonar cameras, power supply, etc.

At Alfa’r we are aware of the importance of quality in the connection systems for the development and correct application of these devices. It goes without saying that these instruments are indispensable for the future and technological progress, and their findings can have a very positive impact on people’s lives.

What do we contribute from Alfa’r?

That is why we are contributing to this cause, with our experience, know-how and expertise, by designing IP68 connectors for the surface and embarking on a new professional challenge: underwater connectors for under-ocean transmission. A contribution that can optimize telecommunications in the marine environment.

The fair was also a place for new partnerships, in which to sign collaborative agreements, exchange knowledge and build valuable business relationships. Because the goal of Ocean Business is to create a quality industrial network by connecting high-level suppliers and manufacturers who will determine the future of marine science.

We are very grateful to have had our space at one of the world’s largest and most important industry events and look forward to attending the next one.

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