The rectangular multi-contact connectors series B-SME and B-SCT are based on the same principle as the rack connectors series B-SMF , but unlike the former, these are mounted in robust aluminium housings and clamped. Modules of 2, 3, 5 and 8 contacts can be stacked.

The modules are inserted into the corresponding frame and stacked robustly and reliably. They are configured according to your needs. Two connector sizes are available : 35.75 mm and 82.5 mm connection interface, corresponding to 13 umb and 30 umb respectively (MonoBlock Units, 1 umb=2.75 mm).

Contacts can be of different types depending on the nature of the contacts they host:

    • Electrical: They can be male, female or mixed elements in the same monobloc. The contact section is defined by the number of elements in each monoblock. They can be 2, 3, 5, 8 with a nominal current per contact of 7.5 A up to 25 A. And with pins to solder or crimp cable, or solder on PCB. Also with RJ-45 and USB connectors.
    • Coaxial: They are supplied in blocks of 2 connectors, which can be male or female and of 50 Ω or 75 Ω. The connectors can be assembled and disassembled inside the monobloc module, by means of an extraction tool. Compatible with D sub-coax connectors, DIN 41626 (1.0/2.3), etc.
    • Optical Fiber: They are supplied in blocks of 2, 3 and 5 connectors.
    • Air compressed and vacuum: They are presented in blocks of two connectors, being able to be male, female or mixture of the two, for ∅4.

The combination of some or all of these technologies in a single connector results in the COMBI-TECH connector series B-SCT..

ejemplo conector combitech ALFA'R serie B-SME

Rectangular MC MultiContact Connectors

The modules of the rectangular multi-contact connectors are manufactured with thermostable material supporting temperatures from -40ºC to +120ºC, except the 8-contact module which is manufactured in thermoplastic supporting from -55ºC to +90ºC. Both with great resistance to impacts. The central electrical contacts are made of gold-plated brass. Female contacts with contact safety springs, or with the new TSS® system with more than 500,000 guaranteed connection-disconnection cycles.  The robust housing provides a very reliable connector in very harsh environments.

The manufacturing program is very broad, in addition to the two existing sizes, includes panel and aerial bases, straight and angled, which in turn can be short or long.

The cable exit is made by Press Estopa from 5 to 32 mm, multi-cable exit without hose or for corrugated tube from 10 to 48 mm.

RECTANGULAR MultiContact Connectors Catalog series B-SME & B-SCT