Our beginnings date back to 1965, a time when audio and radio transmissions were booming and the need to develop RCA, Jack and XLR connectors, among others, was becoming increasingly clear. From the 80’s onwards, the work in this sector was put aside to focus on something that still had more space to evolve: telecommunications. This is how we started working with RF coaxial connectors.

In the 90’s, came the consolidation of coaxial with new series, power as 7/16 or microaxial for microwave and other devices. With the emergence of private television, we were one of the developers and promoters of its expansion in Spain.
In the second part of the 1990’s, ALFA’R actively participated in the deployment of GSM repeater stations, supplying the main mobile telephone operators and the cellular antenna manufacturers with the new technology. From the 2000’s onwards, the company modernized along the same global line of evolution.

The means of production, quality policies, security and internationalization have changed over the years, and at ALFA’R we adapt to all these changes. It was also at this time, when we participated in the definitive expansion of private TV in Spain and, at the end of the decade, also in the deployment of the famous “DTT”, supplying connectors and wiring to the main operators.

Subsequently, around 2010, we strengthened the RF-coaxial connectors division, introducing a new product and started the Multicontact connectors division, a pending issue that substantially expanded our connectivity offer.

Nowadays, our company continues to reinforce the connectivity offer of Multicontact connectors in the industrial and control electronics sector. Right now, more than 85% of our work lies in the design and development of this type of connectors in a customized way. Throughout these years, we can be proud to design, manufacture and distribute our own high-quality connectors for all our customers.

These are the pillars that have led us to success and on which we base our daily work to maintain your trust:

  • We are passionate about our work, and we believe in it
  • The highest quality in our products is essential.
  • We demand ourselves to reach the maximum possible.
  • We customize our products to be able to offer what our customers need at all times.
  • It is difficult for the customer not to find with us his connection need resolved.

Our philosophy has been, is, and always will be the commitment to provide the best connectivity solution for you. We are at your service!