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You may have experienced the situation where the connectors are easily damaged, or the
connection is not good enough. Is this your case? At ALFA’R we have the solution!

We have felt the need to develop a perfect contact performance in order to improve the connectivity of the connectors, by detecting the problem that the low quality connectors have: poor connection and poor durability.

Our experience of over 50 years has allowed us to study and analyse new manufacturing techniques to offer our consumers more resistant connectors. 

We also want to guarantee a longer life cycle for our more durable connectors, while we aim to facilitate the insertion of multi-contact connectors.




Our Point of Difference

We have introduced the TSS system, an innovative system which assure the best performance of male -female inter-connection and so the whole connector has the best guarantee of effectiveness. 

Besides of our TSS system, we have developed a machine that connects and disconnects the different connectors models until it begins to detect transmission failures, as in our industry it’s essential to check how many connection cycles these endure. 

What really sets us apart from our competitors is the constant learning and innovation used to improve the connectivity of our connectors.


What do we want to solve?


Every industrial connectors manufacturer has had the same problem, which ends up becoming our enemy: the connectors’ wear and tear, specifically by the female connector. This is why it’s crucial to preserve the structural integrity of the connector parts in the long term. We present a solution for it below. 

One of the main crucial points for the connectors is the pressure between them during the insertion, in order to allow a constant and quality connection. 

The problem is that this aspect is the one that most easily yields to wear. For this reason, from ALFA’R we want to implement our high-quality technology to facilitate a more durable and efficient connector to our users. 

We believe it’s necessary to solve this problem, as we want to prevent the dangerous consequences of a failing connector. For example, what the connector transmits is electrical current and this transmission can cause sparks that lead to a fire. That’s why one of our purposes is to create a more reliable and secure connection. 

Our motivation is to continue innovating, developing and learning new techniques that allow us to produce more effective connectors, it’s just one of the quality guarantees that we offer to you.

Shall we talk? 

And we’ll keep innovating!