ALFA’R connectors will be exhibiting at SeaWork from 21st to 23rd June in Southampton (UK). We present our range of connectors designed for the most demanding applications at sea. We offer all visitors an insight into how their equipment can significantly improve the efficiency and safety of any vessel – all thanks to our connectors!

Securing the connection at sea is a challenge and the marine industry is well aware of this and its difficulty. The connectors have to resist salt water corrosion and ensure the correct connection at sea – a real achievement!

Our efforts in sourcing suitable materials and robust construction allow us to be a leader in connectors for the professional marine industry.

What will you see at SeaWork?

This exhibition is dedicated to the marine industry. Here you will see the latest technological advances and products for recreational, commercial and military boating. It is undoubtedly a very important event for the professional maritime industry. At the SeaWork show you will be able to see the innovative connectors from ALFA’R connectors, capable of withstanding the harsh conditions of the marine environment and guaranteeing the best connection. In addition to providing customised solutions for each customer. Our connectors are an indispensable tool for marine engineering, ideal for shipyards and industries related to any kind of aquatic activity!

What does ALFA’R connectors offer to the marine industry?

Secure connectivity on the high seas. It is essential to have all fleets monitored from land, giving coverage and security at all times to sailors and fishermen. That’s where our connectors and devices come in, 100% security. No connection failures. Automation of fishing tools. Connectivity for cranes, moorings, lifts, buoys, etc.


Our contribution to the planet.

ALFA’R connectors offers a wide range of connectors for the electrification of ports helping to reduce polluting fuel consumption and being part of clean and sustainable ports. Electrical connection points for everything from small boats to large cargo ships and cruise ships.

Connectors are an indispensable part of the marine industry. We offer an interconnection between the different systems on board a ship. Our connectors facilitate the flow of power and information needed to keep ship operations running.

As you will see in the next edition of SeaWork, we have all the international certifications that guarantee our technical, electrical, mechanical and environmental performance, which have been used for years by the largest companies in the naval sector!

At ALFA’R connectors we offer a consultancy service to all potential customers. We will help you to select the connector that best suits the needs of your project, our technical team is available to answer any questions you may have and we provide you with the best assistance in the installation and design of the system.

ALFA’R connectors joins CEEP UK at this show, our partner and leader in the UK and USA. This union allows us to increase our presence in the market, we go together as a leading reference in the marine sector. ALFA’R connectors and Ceep UK join forces to be stronger.

We work in a key sector. Our connectors offer a solution for the marine sector. So we have become an indispensable and reliable supplier for this type of products and we hope to see you at SeaWork!

Our customers value our presence. “We are experts in what we do and we want to pass it on”.

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