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One of the main aggressions suffered by certain products we sell is vibration. There are environments in which this cannot be avoided and, therefore, affects all the elements located in the area. At Alfa´r we do our bit in this regard by offering vibration-resistant industrial connectors.

How are our B-92 vibration-resistant industrial connectors?

At Alfa´r you’ll find unique, vibration-resistant industrial connectors that are unique, manufactured only by us, and with features that make them superior to competing connectors in many ways. These correspond to the B-92 series of multi-contact circular connectors and, combining their multiple characteristics, we can obtain up to 60 different combinations because, in addition, it is a custom connector.

So that vibration is not a problem, at Alfa´r we have included the possibility that any of our B-92 industrial contacts can include our unique anti-vibration system. We achieve that our product and the system it connects are maintained by using toothed fittings as well as strapping for use on the base. In this way, the connection is made impossible by the mere fact that the surface they are on is vibrating; the only way to achieve this is by manually actuating the strap.

This makes it ideal for use in many industrial environments as well as for cable to plate connections. Some examples are automation, industrial controls and drive, in robotics, in process machinery, in instrumentation and test equipment in various sectors…

As we have said, the various features of the series allow us to offer six dozen different combinations, so you can enjoy the benefits of our patented anti-vibration system whatever your need.

These combinations go through sizes of insulator diameter from 10 to 70, number of pins from 2 to 39, contacts to crimp or weld, with amperage from 7.5 to 80 A, with bodies of anodized aluminum or nickel plated, with safety springs, with dielectrics available in PPS or thermostable, with cable glands in metal or plastic, for connection to hose, cable or corrugated tube with diameters from 1 to 55 mm, bae forms, angled or aerial with and without connector …

The result is a custom-made anti-vibration connector that will have more than half a million cyclone connection and disconnection and insulation in a variety of turns to avoid connection errors themselves in those systems that use multiple connectors.

It is robust with respect to the action of the environment and with IP-68 or protection plug to ensure good conditions, reliability and longer life in your system. Moreover, it is a product that combines coaxial and electrical contacts without problem, so it serves as a point of union where others can not do so.

Finally, we encourage you to take a look at our catalogue of vibration-resistant industrial connectors to see all the possibilities.