For reasons of clarity of installation and safety, many modern electrical installations depend on circuits whose complexity merits different types of industrial connectors intended primarily for professional use. So that you can modulate, adjust and regulate your system perfectly, an industrial connector comes in many forms. In the nuanced frames of mechanics, robotization, assembly, machinery, photovoltaics, thermal and others, it is necessary to have the best connections and compatibilities between the different parts of your devices, and we propose them below.

Industrial connectors, robust and reliable components

Large industries need to make a sufficiently powerful current in their systems to optimize the quality of the operation. That’s why Alfa’r Connectors considers it important to offer industrial connectors that meet safety standards, but are also of excellent quality. The activities carried out by companies will no longer experience downtime caused by a connector failure.

The different elements of the connector

For an industrial connector to be effective, it must be equipped with certain elements that are equally useful. The cable entry cover is more than just a protective cover. Thanks to its excellent insulation, the cable does not run the risk of rubbing against each other, thus avoiding the risk of short-circuiting.

The range of pinned hoods supports the highest voltages, allowing intensive use of the products. The cover with pin can be used on an industrial connector with a very variable number of poles. A locking base plate ensures the perfect stability of any element connected to it.

Connector types

The plug-in male connector is suitable for several industrial devices. The industrial connector with crimp insert is suitable for the automotive, machine and technical industries. A female or male connector can be designed to meet environmental requirements. A shock-resistant model is easy to find, especially for mechanical and electrical applications such as wind turbines or railway technology.

The expansion housing with locking system and flange for connection increases the reach of the industrial connector. The degree of protection of an industrial connector against water, dirt, smoke and even fire is random, depending on the standards trusted by the manufacturer. The connector can also be made of stainless steel or aluminium. Shielding depends on the limitations imposed on the materials by the electronic process.

Here is our brief explanation of the types of industrial connectors for professional industries and their main features. If you have any questions about these and how to apply them correctly, do not hesitate to contact our team of professionals in the sector.