Alfa’ r wants to tell you today everything that is worth knowing about Socapex connectors, will there be anything you don’t already know? We’ll see!

What are Socapex connectors?

The Socapex connectors, from Amphenol, are nothing more than electrical connectors with 19 pins. Of these, 6 are face pins, 6 are neutral pins and another 6 are ground pins; the last one, the center, helps the male and female connectors to assemble correctly.

These connectivity solutions are applied in lighting to set scenarios, making multipair cable terminals.

Indicate that Socapex is a trademark registered by the Amphenol firm; although the term has been extended to connectors with these characteristics and is used indiscriminately and worldwide to refer to any connector of any type, whatever brand.

It’s something like Kleenex, Albal or Jacucci paper; they are well-known brands, which have become benchmarks, and we suppose that it is the product itself that bears that name, although the truth is that it is not.


Socapex Connectors Features

Socapex brand connectors, in addition to the 19 pins, include:

  • A housing made of aluminum alloy and includes black insulating finishes.
  • Gold-plated contacts are offered for both soldering and assembling.
  • Versions in a number of different sizes to suit all lighting and other needs.
  • CRIMP version that includes extended ground contact, so that it can be connected first.
  • They work at 20 amps and with an AC voltage of 50 volts.
  • They have 400 volts AC operating voltage.
  • Its insulation resistance is considerable, 2000.
  • The contact resistance is level 3.
  • Its working temperature range is enormous, from -40 to 85º C.
  • Touch tension is up to 2 kg.
  • The supported pressure reaches 1800 VAC/min.
  • Socapex Industrial Connectors

MC Multicontact Connectors

In Alfa’r Industrial Connectors we have, of course, connectors compatible with the famous Socapex, within our extensive catalogue of MC multi-contact connectors. These, like those of the well-known firm, have similar functions and characteristics.

Taking into account all our catalogue of industrial connectors and especially the multi-contact connectors, we can cover all the needs of coexioning in access controls, robotics, industrial applications, control machines and vending machines, aeronautical, railway, for high intensity work, in domotics, in voltage work and, like Socapex connectors, in spectacular lighting.

With 40,000 standard references we have become leaders in the connection sector, keeping ahead with a constant renewal that happens, among other things, by offering real alternatives to the known connection systems that, in many cases, have become obsolete or directly obsolete.