Some of the star products we have in Alfa’r SL are SMA, SMB and SMC coaxial connectors. They are used to work with different signals that move in a high bandwidth, whose spectrum can vary between different amplitudes.

Types of coaxial connectors

Each of the models listed above can be used for different types of connections, but we will better detail each model separately to highlight its main properties.

SMA Coaxial Connectors

These connectors are called SubMiniature A. They are very precise connectors that are used in all kinds of microwave devices (satellites, communications,…). They are characterized by being very stable and robust. Their impedance is 50 Ohms and they are used to transmit 24 GHz maximum. They are joined with flexible and semi-rigid cables.

This connector belongs to the microcoaxial group with threaded coupling. We have it in panel version (extended dielectric), mounting (SMD) and printed circuit board (PCB – PC boards).

The cable can be assembled in different ways: welding, crimping and pressing.

SMB Coaxial Connectors

These connectors are called SubMiniature B. They are connectors that are used to make connections within high frequency equipment, since they have many connections and their coupling mechanism improves the interconnection. They have a transmission of up to 4 GHz. They are connected to all types of cables: flexible, semi-rigid, rigid, straight, comfortable,…..

The cable can be assembled in the following ways: cable gland, crimping and welding. The male-female coupling is made by the snap-on system.

SMC Coaxial Connectors

These connectors are called SubMiniature C. They are very similar to SMB coaxial connectors. The only difference with Type B series is the type of male-female coupling, since the coaxial type C connectors will have new mechanical and electrical characteristics.

The coupling we talked about is done by means of the thread method.

This type of connector is often used for mobile applications. They are very good for improving the anti-vibration system. In addition, they can be used for applications up to 10 GHz, a much wider transmission than type B applications.

Cable assembly can be done in multiple ways, choosing the one for which tools are available. It can be done by welding, with a crimping machine and the cable gland system.

Alfar has standard cables, but special cables are also available. These can be flexible, rigid and semi-rigid. Its shape can be straight, angled or SMD mounted.

In our industrial connectors catalogue we have several types of connectors, but the most used today for the applications we have discussed are coaxial connectors SMA, SMB and SMC. So if you are clear about the type of connection you need and the broadband between which you want to transmit your connection, with the data provided above you can find the most appropriate connector for your use.

You can also count on different assemblies to get the cables connected in the way you are most interested and without generating problems of transmission errors.