The SMA (SubMiniature A) connectors are the most widely used in microwave applications (communications, satellite, measurements,…). It is a precision connector and as such, has features that make it reliable, robust, with high stability and low ROE. The SMA connector belongs to the microcoaxial group with threaded coupling . It can even be used above 18 GHZ (maximum 24 GHZ). The characteristic impedance is 50 Ω.

RF SMA coaxial connectors

We have different versions of SMA coaxial connectors: panel, with extended dielectric, aerial, for surface mounting (SMD), for printed circuit (PCB), microstrip applications, planar… And as for cable assembly we have versions for soldering, cable glands, crimp…for flexible and semi-rigid cables.

Standard: IEC 169-15

SMA connectors catalogue