The connectors of the B-C series are MutiContactos MC type CARTER, of very robust manufacture and great mechanical resistance. These industrial connectors are watertight with protection degree IP-68. They are manufactured in different sizes from 50mm to 300mm.


All sizes are configurable in terms of distribution and contact type. There are also two types of bodies, relating to the coupling: screw (type 01) or lever (type 03).

They have a cover to protect the interconnection face when the connectors are not connected.

Multi-pole CARTER Connectors B-C Series

They are present in multiple applications, where a very safe and robust connection is required, the most common in the railway, naval, mining, chemical, cranes, heavy industry, etc.

The aerial connectors have couplings for corrugated cable passers. They have the possibility of combining electrical contacts with coaxial contacts, optical fiber, air and fluids. In this way they integrate signals of different nature in the same connector.

The electrical contacts can be from low intensity and high speed signal contacts, to high intensity (pins with cones) or high voltage.


They have a positioner for a perfect alignment of the pair of connectors and the insulators can have different turns established to avoid the connection error in a system with multiple connectors.

In its design and due to the nature of the currents and voltages that its contacts may have, the safety of the operator in the handling of the connector and adjacent elements has been very much taken into account. According to IEC and UL standards for electrical safety.


Our products comply with the legal and technical safety requirements of the European Union.