The market for new connectors is on the rise. New needs arise and it is necessary to adapt to the circumstances that the clients may have at a particular level and that serve as support to other clients. The current trend is to look for a connector that can be used to pick up several different signals or controls; that is to say, that has multiple inputs to facilitate connections and allow several ports of different types.

In our factory of industrial connectors we have succumbed to this trend and have created a new range that completely satisfies this need. These are the new Alpha’r multi-connectors.

What is a multi-connector for?

At Alfa’r, we have been collecting the needs of our customers for some time now, and they were becoming more and more precise; that is why we thought of creating a multi-connector system.

This allows us to play with different devices and ports that are needed at the same time in different circumstances. As we are passionate about new technologies, we have not had much trouble in bringing together those needs and suggestions that come to us.

We must be aware of the new discoveries that are emerging in the face of the market movement, always being alert, informing ourselves and responding to all the new needs that have arisen. And that’s how we work in I+D at Alfa´r.

In the case of the new multi-connectors, on the one hand, we had to take into account the power supply system of each device, so that adjustments could be made to the voltage and ampere level required. On the other hand, there is the data related to the signal. We must know the flow rate of this ethernet signal, the antennas available to our customers, the contacts needed to transmit the signal, interference that may appear relating to different factors…

With all this in mind, the idea was to create multi-contact connectors so that this robust and, for the time being, large connector could guarantee customers a wide range of utilities in any type of environment, from the most suitable to the least prepared and hostile with IP68-type versions.

It is a type of connector created in a modular way. The process is as follows: our company’s technician receives the request from the customer. He then studies it to assess whether it can be a viable project or not and creates a design suitable for the request, applying his knowledge. This technician also has the possibility of creating prototypes, so that the customer could be consulted before the creation. Once validated by the team and with the approval of the client, the creation of the industrial connectors begins.

This process must be perfectly orchestrated by the technician to be able to solve the customer’s request as soon as possible and in clear relation to the needs that the customer has raised. In the quality of the results is the business and the extraction of the model for other clients.

Because of all this, the company wants to transmit that the new Alfa’r multi-connectors have arrived on the market to revolutionize this type of device.