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There are many types of cable most common in the industry. Each of them offers a series of features and characteristics that make it extraordinary for a specific sector and application. Today we’re going to see the most used ones.

What are the most common cables in the industry?

PVC Cable

PVC sheathed cables are specifically designed for use in areas where they will be subjected to moderate mechanical fatigue. They are widely used in the food industry. They offer very good resistance to chemical and toxic products, which is a great advantage in this sector.

PUR Cable

PUR-insulated cables offer long-lasting flexibility, which is essential to ensure long cable life on machine tools. They have very high mechanical, chemical and oil resistance. Thus, they are one of the best alternatives in the cable market in the vast majority of industrial applications, such as assembly or production lines, for example.

PUR A Cable

PUR A sheathed cables are a very good alternative to irradiated PUR cables. They have a very good mechanical resistance, as well as to chemical agents and oils; they are also flame retardant and even resistant to welding sparks. These features make them the best cables for numerous processes and machines in the automotive industry. They are also very easy to recycle.

PUR U Cable

A cable specially designed for drag chains and rotary indexing tables, particularly harsh industrial conditions for which these PUR U-sheathed cables offer a perfect solution. In addition to having extraordinary mechanical and oil resistance, this type of cable is fire resistant.


Stoow is a PVC compound specially designed and developed to withstand the most demanding conditions in the industry. It offers heavy gauge drivers and a very durable exterior coating, perfect for the automotive industry. It is resistant to chemical agents and oils; it is also approved for voltages up to 600V.

POC Cable

POC coated cables are the best choice in those industries where they must be exposed to welding sparks on a regular basis. They have an extraordinary mechanical resistance, as well as a thermal resistance of 150ºC of continuous operation temperature. These cables are even capable of withstanding hot weld slag. They are commonly used in the automotive and metallurgical industries.

PUR OD Cable

PUR OD cables are one of the strongest. One of the main advantages they offer is that they can be used in a very wide temperature range, between -5’ºC and 105ºC; that is why they are the most commonly used in outdoor applications. In addition, they are resistant to UV rays from the sun, sea water, oil, and diesel. They also offer high mechanical and fire resistance. They are commonly used in the field of mobile equipment.

These are the most common types of cable in the industry. Each of them has its own characteristics and advantages, and are intended for companies in a particular sector depending on them; which one do you need?