Alfa’r SL specializes in manufacturing and distributing industrial connectors of various types, for different uses and sectors, even producing connectors customized for specific cases. We manufacture and distribute RF coaxial connectors, circular and rectangular multi-contact connectors, as well as cables and hoses.

Manufacture of industrial connectors

We have been manufacturing electrical components for connection since 1965, starting with a basic manufacturing network of audio connectors for today, to be specialists and referents in all types of industrial connectors for different market sectors:

  • Communications
  • Security systems
  • Electromedicine
  • Aeronautics
  • Railroad
  • Lighting
  • Shows
  • Industry
  • Smartcities

As the years went by and we established ourselves in the sector, we were able to satisfy the demand for connectors, which was very changing in every era.
Initially, as we said, we started to manufacture audio connectors but after two decades, we started to work with RF coaxial connectors specialized in industrial connectors for, in the 90’s, and with the consolidation of coaxial connectors, to offer the widest variety of the country (UHF, BNC, F, N, TNC and also RF devices, 7/16, microwave microaxial devices for microwaves…), participating even in the birth.

Shortly afterwards we began to work on the development of GSM repeater stations, working with the main telephone operators in the country.
At this point, we are modernising our company in several ways. With DTT we are once again suppliers for the companies in charge of their national installation.

After this, we began to classify our products better and include many novel, different and with particularities to satisfy all kinds of demands, coming to collaborate with the electrical sector for a few years.

50 years of experience have allowed us to know perfectly each and every detail of our products, while we investigated more and more in the sector, achieving such an exquisite specialization that we can even offer customized industrial connectors; so much so that sometimes we have worked side by side with the customer to manufacture exclusive products for him. This means that we are committed to providing the customized solution for your application.

Thus, we currently manufacture and distribute all types of electrical connectors, wiring and tools for the communication, transport and industrial sectors. We have connectors compatible with Socapex, Hypertac, Odu and other well-known brands.

Distribution of industrial connectors and expansion process

We work at Premià de Dalt, in Barcelona. From here we start our journey and we keep going 50 years later, thanks to the success of our products, which have always been able to adapt to the needs of each moment.

Over the years, and thanks to the quality of our products, we have expanded internationally, being suppliers of very important companies in countries all over Europe although, of course, our main customers are located in Barcelona, a city that consumes all types of products and services and where we have our facilities.