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In this occasion we want to talk about the connection tools, more specifically to let you know the main characteristics of the cable-connector connections, also called flexes, whips or hoses.

What is a hose or wired cable-connector?

A hose is a type of flexible connection whose main characteristic is the facility it offers to make such a connection, no matter how hidden or inaccessible the place where it is located.

Physically, we are talking about a flexible cable with two connectors at its ends. Depending on what we want to connect, we must choose between the types (since there are many types of tools for the connection that can be used depending on it) and, if there are, subtypes of hoses or connections.

Types of connections

Coaxial cable: At least one of its ends is attached to a coaxial-type input that transmits high-frequency electrical signals. We see them frequently for use in connection with televisions.
Electrical: They include aerial connectors, males or females, of three poles.
Multi-pole hose: As its name indicates, this connection has different poles at each end.
Fiber optic cable: These are the network cables that offer the fiber to the end user.
Combined cable: Used to combine different types of contacts such as fiber, electrical, fluid, coaxial … The ends do not have a single connection unit but are branched, optimizing space and resources in projects that require a greater number of connections.


Patchcords or cable-connector connections from Alfa´r

In Alfar we make your tailor and customize the connections in the shape the client wants, always depending on the needs you show us talking about your project and your products.

As experts in the design and production of these products, we always ensure the highest quality thanks, in part, to the fact that we have the most modern means of production. So much so that we even offer the possibility of certification.

Making a connection can be simple, but there are cases in which there are more and more requirements for the situation to be safe, as in the case of electrical connections. Reliability, quality, safety, minimal losses and a very long service life are required. Only expert, trained, professional and experienced hands can do it.

Each of the products we design is tested before leaving our door, so that we can ensure that they are specifically intended for the use you want to give them. In addition, we always work with minimum deadlines and very competitive prices that make us remain a benchmark in the sector in our country.

In addition, we can supply not only the hoses for your project but we design complete connection systems, always advocating efficiency and safety above all. With them, projects in sectors such as mining, telecommunications, automotive, railway, military, naval, industrial and many others, benefit from a series of products that, as a whole, will always work better, because they will have been designed to be part of the same system, of the same unit.

So far today’s post on the main features of the cable-connector connections, what did you think? We hope that now you have a clearer vision of how these types of connections work. As we are always at your disposal, so you can contact us to resolve any doubt or question you may have. Greetings and see you next time!