Main Elements of the Industrial Connectors

A complete industrial connector consists of several individual elements:

  • Male insulator.
  • Female insulator.
  • Cable glands.
  • Bases.
  • Hoods.
  • Accessories.

For industrial connectors to be effective, they must be equipped with the right components to increase their usefulness. The cable entry cover is more than a protective cover, as it prevents the cable from rubbing against another, causing a short circuit. This is thanks to its high level of insulation.

 Insulators and pinned layout withstand the highest voltages, what allows a prolonged use of the products. In addition, the plug cap or jack cap can be used on an industrial connector with a very flexible number of poles. And a locking baseplate ensures a perfect balance of any component linked to it.

In short, the components of industrial connectors protect their interfaces and ensure a safe transfer of electrical energy even in the most adverse circumstances, a common occurrence in large industries.

Types of Industrial Connectors


Large industries need to obtain an extremely powerful current level in their systems to improve the quality of their various operations. Fortunately, there is a type of industrial connector that  suits most applications within the industrial environment.

For example:

  • Pluggable male connector: It uses is recommended for different industrial equipment.
  • Industrial connector with crimping insert: It uses is suitable in the technical, automotive and machinery industries.

Advantages of a high-quality industrial connector


At ALFA’R we consider it essential to offer industrial connectors that not only achieve with safety regulations but besides they are also made with high-quality components. And this is precisely the characteristic that differentiates us from the market, since our products have multiple advantages. Among them:

  • Resistance to crash, water, dirt, smoke, and fire.
  • They fit perfectly in different electrical systems.
  • Its design facilitates the distribution of power and signals.
  • They are easily connected, simplifying complex cabling applications.
  • They have high insulation and robustness
  • The durability time is long.


Do you need industrial connectors? At ALFA’R we’ll be able to help you.