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For an optimal and viable connection of industrial lighting systems, connectors are fundamental, because they are the most secure and efficient way of connecting lighting matrixes to the main grid

In addition, regardless of the complexity of the lighting setup, by means of industrial connectors you can make connections quickly, simply and conveniently. And best of all, they are very long-lasting.

At Alfa’r Connectors we have an extensive variety of lighting connectors for industrial purposes.

Conectores Alfa’r dedicados a la iluminación al aire libre.

B-92 series, industrial lighting connectors 

For events like shows, the B-92 series of lighting connectors consists of solid, flexible and lightweight parts whose life cycles exceed half a million uses and have an IP68 rating. They have an extensive variety of characteristics: the most notable is that it is possible to create up to 60 different configurations.

It is also important to point out that, as in any other use, lighting for the industrial sector must meet certain safety standards. In this case, our B-92 series (special for shows), respects the following:

• Insulators

At Alfa’r Connectors we work with insulators with different twist angles, which eliminate any possibility of connection errors when working in matrixes or systems which include several industrial connectors. 

• Protective covers

These indispensable elements have the prime mission of protecting industrial lighting systems. We can supply them in a variety of shapes and sizes to adapt to your requirements. 

For all your needs for industrial lighting connectors, at Alfa’r Connectors we ensure that you acquire the ideal equipment for your lighting matrix or system to operate in the optimal manner for the longest possible time. 

Other advantages of using industrial lighting connectors

Lighting connectors for industrial use and outdoor applications have to respond to a multitude of demands to withstand the adversities of the industrial sector. This can be considered their principal virtue. In addition: 

• Solid connection technology. Our industrial lighting connectors are manufactured with technological materials of high quality, strength and durability.

• Wide variety of connectors for devices. We offer a variety of easy-to-install connectors for various types of devices.

• Quality of cables. The cables are pre-assembled for a fast implementation avoiding unnecessary installation delays. 

• High reliability by means of solid connectors

• Great resistance to withstand the adversities that affect lighting systems in industrial settings. 

Why install industrial lighting connectors? 

To ensure the continuity of your industrial operations, you have to carry out exhaustive management of each one of the internal processes. In this case, the lighting matrix or system of your project is as important as the other elements of your business. 

A well-lit industrial space streamlines production processes, thereby reducing costs in the long term

At Alfa’r Connectors we have a wide variety of industrial lighting connectors. We are here to help you and respond to your requirements!