High intensity connectors are a highly demanded product at Alfa´r due to the physical conditions, resistance and durability with which we make them. Do you want to know how they are?

What are our high intensity connectors like?

Let’s show you all about this successful and useful high intensity connection product.

Alfar Series

The high intensity connectors of Alfa´r correspond to what would be the B-AI series.


These are suitable in a number of situations but are undoubtedly an optimal product in cases where more than one spring contact is required.

They can be used in circuit breakers, switches, transformers, disconnectors, wall bushings and switches.


These high voltage connectors are very compact, having a small size, ranging from 4 to 40 mm for their diameter and from 20 mm2 to 1200, in the case of the largest, for their contact surface. The contact surface is very large in relation to the total surface, which ensures a perfect connection that will have virtually no losses.

The cable sections would be, for these sizes, from 5 to 630.

As the connectors are larger more cones are also included. The smaller models have 2, going on to reach the 10 cones of the larger one.

There are two types of finish:

Natural: No treatment is given to the connector.
Silver: This is subjected to several chemical baths that prepare it. The last one, silver, is used to improve the general conductivity.
Anodizing: The exterior is not conductive. It offers a very high resistance to corrosion, making it the ideal finish for spectacular lighting and corrosive environments in general.

In any case, these designs offer maximum safety, even when the working power is very high.


Obviously, one of the most important aspects of these products in intensity. Thus, we find the following values for peak current and permanent and discontinuous services.

Permanent service: The lowest of these has an amperage of 25. The highest reaches 1000 A.
Discontinuous service: In this case, the smallest measure is 38 while the maximum reaches 1500.
Peak current: Finally, we find a peak current that is 150 for the lowest of the high intensity connectors and that, under safe conditions, reaches 6000.

Elastic cone system

This has an important number of contact points between two high intensity connectors, male and female. This allows the connection to have a very high quality.

Sexed connectors

As is logical, we have both female and male versions.

The latter is mounted to press, so that the elastic cones are nailed to the body to the point of becoming a single solid piece. It has an elastic pin, which is used so that the connector, as it is being used, does not loosen. Its nose is threaded to the body.

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