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Circular MC connector

B-92 Series

The connectors of the B-92 series are MutiContact MC circular , of robust construction and great flexibility. They are manufactured in 5 sizes T-10, T-20, T-30, T-40 and T-70 (the numbering is the approximate diameter of the insulator). Each size has its pin configurations from 2 pins to 39.

More than 60 different standard configurations are available to suit your needs. With solder or crimp contacts, from 1mm 7.5 A to 5.75 mm pins 80 A.

Circular connectors MultiContact B-92

The ALFA’R industrial connectors of this series B-92 are manufactured with special care in quality. Dielectrics in thermostable or PPS are available. The central contacts are made of gold-plated brass. Female contacts with contact safety springs. Bodies are nickel-plated or anodized aluminum (natural or black color). Plastic or metal (EMC) cable glands for cables, hoses or corrugated pipes from 2 mm up to 55 mm.

The result is a robust, reliable and light industrial connector , with more than 500,000 guaranteed connection-disconnection cycles; very robust to environmental conditions and IP-68.

For severe vibration environments, we have connectors with anti-vibration system , by means of a toothed fitting and strap on the base, which makes it impossible to disconnect them without manual actuation of the strap.

There are different versions of shapes, panel bases with or without fittings, straight airfoils with or without fittings, angled. As a general rule the fitting is by means of a thread, but there is also a bayonet system.

These connectors have the possibility of combining electrical contacts with coaxial contacts . In this way, signals of a different nature can be integrated in the same connector.

The insulators can have different turns established to avoid connection error in a system with multiple connectors.

We have protection , for all sizes and shapes.

normative: IEC 169-13

Catalogue Circular Multicontact connectors B-92