In our more than five decades of experience we have drawn many conclusions in relation to our products, customers and the projects they carry out. One of these conclusions is that electronic connectors are still, to this day, unknown to many. In this post we will try to shed some more light on the subject and update you on its uses. Another problem is the choice of the right type of industrial connector.

When an electronic product is or is going to be designed, aspects such as reliability, the functioning of the parts that compose it and at a general level and other essential aspects when offering said product to a client, whether an intermediary or final client, must be studied and, depending on this, evaluated.

The process involves choosing those passive and active components, carrying out signalling and visualisation and other actions using software appropriate to the objectives and characteristics of the product itself. The whole must be located in a PCB which, of course, must be in line with the elements it contains in terms of dimensions and other characteristics.

Of course, this PCB will require a connection for the different elements. This is done through the use of conductive metal tracks, with copper standing out for its good performance and economic price.

The connections must be made to measure, so that the needs of each of the products that make up the whole are met while the general needs for which this particular product has been used are met. Thus, the connection must be tailor-made, even when we are talking about electronic products.

Similarly, we must not forget that the connections of each of the parts to another, to a different PCB or to different devices can also occur, requiring connectors.

The problem is that sometimes the hardware that the customer works with is unknown to him or, although known, is not mastered to the necessary level. Added to that we have the fact that, with the enormous availability of products from different manufacturers, the choice becomes even more difficult if possible.

The wrong choice of electronic connectors

In general, a comfortable model is selected, which allows easy access to what would be a first sampled. However, the disadvantage (or problem in every rule) arises at the time when we work in mass production, finding situations such as costs rise, deliveries are delayed or do not reach the minimum quantities. This happens when a professional pre-selection has not been carried out.

On the other hand, there is also the difficulty that these are very difficult to identify when we are presented with already developed hardware. Of course, customers rarely have this information, which leaves in our hands all the responsibility of choosing the right one. There is such a big rank of typical mistakes.

How do we solve it on Alfa´r?

The solution is very simple. It involves working with a sufficient but not infinite number of solutions. It is about offering everything that an electronic connector can provide in the least number of parts possible, so that neither the customer is overwhelmed or lost nor do we leave needs unfulfilled.

Thus, it must opt for specific but multifunctional pieces, of very high quality, exigency and reliability. It is necessary that the range is wide but conventional.

The minimum options go through the aerial connections of the PCB, offering the possibility of working with different types of cable. If you need additional information or you want to hire our services, we can offer you a personalized plan.