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Electrical connectors for electrical mobility -valga the redundant- are a necessary solution for certain circumstances in which, due to the “dangerous” nature of the situation, the inclusion of products with more specific characteristics is required.

Mobility requires a series of requirements that are varied, always depending on the particular situation, and which, of course, are not easy to manage, hence the need, as we say, for nothing general solutions.

In most cases, these requirements go through coupling cycles, load and recharge capacity, resistance to elements such as vibration or temperature, etc.


Electrical connectors for the electric mobility of the hand d Alfa´R

In order to be able to offer high quality solutions, at Alfa´R we have dedicated a lot of effort, time and other resources to research the best alternatives.

In this way, we have been able to successfully conclude the design of an extensive catalogue of high intensity electrical connectors. These include innovative materials, being the most appropriate in each specific case.

In this way, automotive technology, particularising towards high power current transfer in difficult situations, is covered by reliable connection solutions of the highest quality.

One of the main concerns is the contact with auxiliary components, which can be very diverse, as is the case of the air conditioning compressor. Our electrical connectors for electric mobility are highly effective in this situation.

On the other hand, also plug-in electric vehicles are compatible with our products so the user of such mobility solutions also take advantage of the advantages of Alfa´R.

In general, we can say that our high intensity contacts are optimal for use in applications where two spring contacts are given or above. Switches, bushings, circuit breakers, disconnectors and transformers are some of the elements in which their use is indicated.

What are our electrical connectors for electrical mobility like physically?

The series of connectors Alfa´R that offers this type of solutions is the B-AI.

This consists of products of compact design and small size, in a perfect balance to save the cost per material without sacrificing an ounce in efficiency or performance. Safety has always been and will always be a cornerstone for us and the design of these connectors confirms this.

These are characterised by their robustness and have a fairly large contact interface, ensuring that the connection is ferrous.

The elastic cone system offers an excellent connection between male and female parts with many contact points.


Of course, we have them in different calibers (from 4 to 40 mm), with different number of cones (between 2 and 10), contact areas from 20 to 1200 mm², cable sections from 5 to 630 mm², with natural finish, without treatment, or in silver finish, with silver brass, ideal for cases where you want to improve connectivity.

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