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We are in an era in which connector manufacturing technology is developing very rapidly. Connectors are continuously innovated and developed. And, in terms of technology, they are improving their performance and manufacturing. That is why it is so important to have a company dedicated exclusively to the development of this type of technology.

ALFA’R is a company that is at the forefront of providing connectivity solutions. What makes us different? What makes us unique is more than 50 years of experience developing technology. Industrial connectors, antennas, cables and other passive components in Radio Frequency and Industrial Multicontacts.

In order to bring our products up to the required standard, we take care of the entire process. From the design, manufacture and distribution of all connectors.


What sectors do we work with?

Our range of industrial cables, tools and connectors are of high quality and reliability. Specially designed to help our customers maintain solid connections.


Our connectors are designed for a wide variety of applications. They ensure the best possible performance, even in the most unfavourable environments. Due to the quality of ALFA’R industrial connectors, they are used in a multitude of sectors.

In the communication sector, e.g. telecommunications, broadcasting, signal processing, etc. In the transport and industrial sectors: security, energy, automation, etc.

In order to adapt to the demands of our customers, many of our products have been developed according to the needs of each user. That’s why we get involved in every detail to provide adapted solutions.

ALFA’R has a professional team with extensive experience in the design and manufacture of industrial connectors. We are exclusively dedicated to the development of high quality and versatile connectors to meet the multiple demands of our users!

What sets us apart from our competitors?

At ALFA’R we carry out extensive testing to ensure the best performance, compared to any other standard connector there is no competition possible.

The design is developed by our most specialised engineers, and each connector is tested by state-of-the-art equipment. Our testing ensures that industrial connectors can perform in the most demanding environments. We validate in every test that each component exceeds the set parameters.

We have a wide range of connectors to suit all industrial sectors. You should definitely get to know our products, choose the connector that best suits your needs! If you need any kind of advice, all you have to do is contact us. And a sales representative will get in touch with you to answer any questions you may have.

What is ALFA’R’s philosophy?

ALFA’R is a company that was born in 1965 with the sale of audio connectors. Our technology has since evolved and spread to countries all over the world. We have become a leading company in the sector and are present throughout Europe, Latin America, India, Morocco and Asia.


But our values and philosophy have remained unchanged since our origins. Our mission is to become a benchmark in the manufacture of connectors worldwide, which is why the quality of our products extends internationally. Respecting other cultures and countries, we are united by our passion for a common goal.

We devote all our resources to keep up to date with technological changes and to improve our means of production. All this in order to achieve the quality standards expected by our customers. To this end, the customer is actively involved in the design and customisation of the connectorsno two connectors are the same and not all needs are the same!

The versatility and quality of our connectors make us unique.

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