Certain means of transport require industrial connector solutions from Alfa´R. There are not a few customers who own well-known companies in the sector who come to us with a need and that is precisely what we want to talk about today. We refer, of course, to the connectors used in ticket vending machines and public transport entrance doors.

What are the connectors used in ticket vending machines and public transport entrance doors?

It doesn’t matter if we talk about subway, train, railroad or any other, the truth is that for this type of situations it is the series of connectors that are used.

MC Circular Connectors: 92 Series

MC circular connectors are robust products that stand out for their flexibility. With five different sizes that indicate the diameter of the insulator used, we can create for you more than 60 configurations, with 2 to 39 pins (which, in addition, will also be of different size, ranging from the millimeter to 5.75, so that you always, ALWAYS, have a solution Alfa´R, either for ticket machines travel or for the doors of transport.

They will offer you more than half a million cycles to connect and disconnect, they have IP-68 as watertightness degree, their body is manufactured in aluminum, either anodized or nickel plated. Gold-plated brass is used for their contacts.

They include the possibility of choosing the dielectric both in PPS and in thermostable, anti-vibration system, forms that go from the straight or angled aerial or in bases, being able to choose if to include fitting or not to do it, to include plug for protection and to choose the rotation of the insulators.

MC Rack Connectors

The MC connectors for racks serve to offer you the best solutions of this type we have nothing more and nothing less than three series: the B-SML, the B-SMR and the B-SMF. All the products included in these come from B-SMP series modules, exclusive to Alfa´R.

The way to do this is by stacking them in aluminium frames and, depending on the shape of the frame, its guides and the fastening chosen, we make up a multitude of connector designs that fit into the three MC series we have mentioned.

The B-SML has positioning and floating guides next to the fixing float.

The B-SMR includes them in the protrusion.

The B-SMF does not have a float but includes fixing screws. These, with the guides, go over the shoulder.

According to the contacts hosted, we find solutions:

Electric: They form monoblocks that combine male-male, female-male or female-female. Each monobloc will include 2, 3, 5 or 8 pieces and its nominal current will go from 75.5 amperes to 25.
Coaxial: Blocks of 2 connectors are made male – male, female-female or male-female, that yes, of 50 or 75 ohms. They can be assembled and disassembled in monoblocks using extractors. They offer compatibility with other connectors with the subD, coax for example.
Fiber: The blocks of connectors will be 2, 3 or 5 units.
Air: Can be vacuum or compressed. Connectors are grouped in blocks by male-male, male-female or female-female pairs.

And with this we conclude this post on the connectors connectors used in the vending machines of tickets and in the doors of entrance of public transports. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.