The connectors in the aeronautical industry are RF adapters. We will talk about them on this occasion.

What are RF adapters?

Coaxial RF adapters also known as Radio Frequency Modulator are units that adapt signals. In this case, they are used to connect the most modern video devices to devices that do not have compatible connectivity, either because they are too old or because they have been designed with another utility in mind and, therefore, do not have standard RCA connectors.

This converts both audio and video signals into RF signals, which can then be tuned into mono audio. The quality is poorer than with other connections, but no more is needed in the aircraft industry.

Alfa`R coaxial RF adapters, the most widely used connectors in the aeronautical industry

As indicated above, our coaxial RF adapters work by coupling connectors that are from different series. Today, this is not a problem. What is a major challenge, and some customers even think it is impossible, is to connect devices with different diameters, depending on the need in each case.

Our adapters are designed using simulation programs, in such a way that perfect calculations and checks are carried out that serve to modify each one of the details of the personalized prototypes that we create until arriving at the final result.

Our products for the aeronautical sector are designed in both 50 and 75 Omhios. In both cases they offer fabulous results in both stable frequency and VSWR.

They are realized with a design that makes that we always obtain a resistant and robust product. In addition, we attribute different IPs depending on the version we are manufacturing.

As we have always done, we design in a totally flexible way, offering features with multiple options, so that the number of versions of our coaxial RF adapters is very large. In this way, we are able to offer each customer exactly what they need, so that they do not have to worry or work too hard when making connections to their systems.

In general, the connectors in the aeronautical industry that we offer at Alfa `R are straight and aerial, although we offer panel and angled solutions. We do this on-demand, so that each user gets a unique, customized product, created specifically for their needs.

Needless to say, this is not the only variable aspect but we try to make the customer can be as demanding as they need and get a product specially designed for their project.

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In our catalogue of coaxial RF adapters we have possibilities to couple male to male, female to female or male-female. You can take a look to see that we have dozens and dozens of variants that include different diameters, UHF series, SMB, TNC, SMA, SMC, N, BCN, MCX, FME, resistances, as we indicated, 50 or 75 Omhios, and so on.

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