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The most widely used and successful connectors for the video surveillance industry today are the BNC and TNC series. If you want to know why he keeps reading because we describe them so you can know their characteristics and possibilities.

BNC connectors for the video surveillance industry

These, known as the BNC series by their name Bayonet Neil Concelman, are widely used connectors in many industries, including video surveillance. This is because they have a very easy to connect and disconnect system based on the use of a bayonet.

That is why they are also protagonists in data communication, broadcast, instrumentation, radio system…

BNC connectors are RF coaxial connectors that work at 50 and 75 omhios (at 4 GHhz and a frequency range of 10 GHz and 1.5 GHz and a range of 4 GHz respectively) and with the ability to interconnect with each other. They follow the IEC 169-8 standard.

Being specialized in coaxial connectors allows us to offer a wide range of products for the surveillance sector, which include a wide range of options such as its shape (which can be straight, panel, PCB, angled…), the assembly of the cable (in cable glands, soldered, crimped…), features for using both standard and special cables…

These have, on average, 500 connection cycles, have PTFE insulation material, silicone gaskets, a temperature range from -65 to 165º…

TNC connectors for the video surveillance industry

Another ideal choice of connectors for use in the video surveillance industry is the TNC series, named Thread Neil Concelman.

These work by coupling to threads, characteristics that make them more reliable and stable than the previous ones. The standard governing them is IEC 169-17.

They match the series of RF coaxial connectors in their applications and also in their impedance. However, we see that these exceed 11 GHz and 1.5 GHz, for 50 and 75 omhios. Its maximum frequency range is 18 GHz in the first case and 4 GHz for the second.

They have an insulating resistance greater than 5Gomhios, an internal contact resistance less than 1.5 momhios and an external resistance less than 1 momhio. Its maximum power will be 80 W, with a working voltage of 500 VRMS and peaks of 1500 VRMS.

They also have a durability of 500 cycles and the same temperature range from 65 below zero to 165° above.

They also agree on the different possibilities in terms of angled, straight, panel, PCB, watertight… crimp mounting, cable gland and soldering, and specifications that allow them to be used with special cables, such as semi-rigid or flexible, or standard.

If you need connectors for the video surveillance industry, the BNC and TNC series are definitely the right choice. However, we invite you to always consult us so that we can advise you according to your project.