If you are looking for connectors for the automotive industry and industrial machinery, know that the most suitable, with exception, high intensity. These are the best for working on electric bulls, forklifts, pallet trucks, cars, motorcycles… Throughout this text you will discover why.

High intensity connectors for the automotive industry and industrial machinery from Alfa´R

In Alfa´R we have always strived to offer solutions to each and every one of the assumptions with which our customers came. Over the years we have worked a lot and now we can say that, in effect, we can offer specific products to meet all the needs we have, including, in this case, those that industrial machinery and automotive in general need.

We achieve this with our series of B-AI connectors, which, in addition to having a series of characteristics of its own, such as that its manufacture is made with noble materials, copper plus silver coating, thus ensuring maximum conductivity. It also has different possibilities for the connectors, so that we can specifically design the one you need.

How is the B-AI series of high intensity connectors from Alfa´R for the automotive and industrial machinery industry?

All of them have a wide contact surface ranging from 4.2 to 126 mm. The cable cross-section starts from 5 mm. Thus, we see that the contact occupies more than 80% of the total of the connector.

In addition, they have a design whose result is a very robust product, as is necessary considering the intensity that it will conduct and enabling a connection of quality and safety.

The connection system of this series is from elastic cones, which can be from 2 for the smallest of the models to 10 for the largest, achieving that the union between females and males is given with a significant number of points.

Depending on their caliber, the connectors for the automotive industry and industrial machinery that we have in Alfa´R support currents from 25, 38 and 150 amperes up to 1000, 1500 and 6000 in permanent and discontinuous services and in peak current respectively.

We have four different models, each of which includes the male and female version, so that your coupling is always perfect. The taps are mounted with a press, so that the cones are perfectly nailed to the body to form a single piece of extreme strength.

As far as the coating is concerned, we offer three possibilities:
– Nickel-plated: This is the most intelligent option if the exterior is required to have conductive power.
– Painted in black. Both this and the following are suitable finishes when no exterior driving is required. Corrosion resistance is very good, essential in automotive and industrial machinery.
– Black anodized. Even better than the previous one for environments that favour oxidation.

Are these the high intensity connectors you are looking for? Take a look at our catalogue to see all the options available for your project.