The best option in connectors for lighting shows is the B-92 series we have at Alfa`R. This includes the circular series 419, 37Y, 337, T30, T40 which are used for connections of this type. Let’s go see them.

How is our B-92 series of connectors for show lighting?

This series includes, in all cases, robust yet flexible and lightweight parts, with life cycles exceeding half a million and an IP-68. Its features are so varied that we can form up to 60 different configurations. From this model, we make sure that any customer leaves with the right lighting connector, whatever the circumstances in which they have to work.

In addition, we must not forget that, as in any other sector, the lighting of shows also requires certain safety elements. That is why it is essential to talk about:

The insulators: We work with insulators with different turns, so that there are no connection errors when working on systems with multiple connectors.

Protective caps: As the name suggests, they are elements that seek to protect. They come in various shapes and, of course, in all sizes.

Choosing the right show lighting connectors

Let’s see how the choice of our B-92 series products is made.

Anti-vibration connectors: Once we have chosen the standard connector, we have the option to choose if we want it to be anti-vibration. Although it is not always necessary, there are times when severe vibration environments exist that make it necessary to choose this characteristic to obtain optimum results.

We’ll have to select the right size. This series has diameters of 10, 20, 30 and 40 mm.

The same goes for the number of pins, which ranges from 2 to 39.

We will determine what type of connector is needed, with the fitting predominating in our selection.
Aerial without fitting.
Overhead with fitting.
Airborne at an angle.
Base with fitting.
Base without fitting.

Either of the above types can be given, of course, in male or female.

You also need to make sure what the cable outlet will be like.
Metal cable glands. With nickel-plated brass body, polyamide insert, APDM seal, IP-68 protection and temperature resistance from -30 to 100ºC, and can be increased to 220ºC on request.
Metal cable glands with earth contact. Same characteristics.
Spiral plastic cable glands. Available in light grey, silver grey or black (with resistance to sunlight).
Cable glands for corrugated pipe. In light grey or black with UV resistance. It also includes IP 69 protection.
Multi-class plastic packing gland. In silver, light grey or black, it has a NBR/VITON seal, a slightly wider temperature range, withstands -40°C and an IP 54 degree of protection.

The contacts can be either soldered or crimped.

In addition, they can be used coaxially, electrically or in combination.

So much for the post of connectors for lighting shows: Circular series 419, 37Y, 337, T30, T40. We hope it has been very informative and please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.