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As you know, at Alfa´R we have managed, thanks to a huge investment and a greater dose of value and effort, to be present in all sectors. We are fortunate to be able to say, with a big smile, that we offer products for totally different businesses and that, even so, we are national references and we have a strong presence outside the country. And of all the sectors in which we help our customers achieve their goals, today we focus on one in particular and talk to you about connection systems in the rail industry.

What are the connection systems like in the railway industry?

Clearly, this is a sector in which safety is paramount, above all else. There are many lives at stake every day and it is absolutely necessary that everything goes well and that the risks are, of course, minimal.

Thus, at Alfa´R we can only recommend products of the highest quality. Having said that, we can only move on to the different characteristics of the circular MC connectors, series B-92, which is suitable for making connections in the railway industry.

Circular MC connectors, B-92 series for connection systems in the rail industry

Let’s see, then, the characteristics of these connection elements.


It is important to know that we manufacture this type of connector in five sizes. These are the T-10, the T-20, the T-30, the T.40 and the T-70, the number being an approximation of the diameter of the insulator. Depending on this size we find a different configuration of pins, ranging from 2 to 39.


We find that, evidently, there are different types, as these are used in countless places and circumstances. We have aerials and base without fittings, aerials and base with fittings and aerials at an angle.


All of them can be male and female, with the exception of the angled aerial, which is found only as a male.

Cable output

According to the cable output, we have cable glands in metal and metal mass contact, whose characteristics are similar (body material, sealing material, insert), the degree of protection, the temperature range with which it can be worked… The plastic spiral cable gland is made of polyamide and has a smaller temperature range. Finally, we have the corrugated tube, a polyamide sealed in silicone.


The coating of the circular MC connectors, series B-92, is nickel-plated for the conductor body and painted or black anodized to prevent light reflection on the insulating body.

Angular displacement

With regard to the male connectors, the displacement code is given on the connection side and counterclockwise. For females the total opposite.

Other features

Some models are anti-vibration, designed to be placed in specific locations. These include the toothed fitting as well as a strap at the base.

We also find that the circular MC connectors, series B-92 are robust, flexible, with IP-68 degree of tightness, made of brass and with safety springs in the case of female contacts.

And that will be everything for today’s post where we talked about the connection systems in the rail industry and how Alfa’R’s industrial connectors play a crucial role in this sector.