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Today we are going to present the B-92 series of Alfa’ R connectors, which consists of a set of circular connectors that are compatible with SAP, ICP and CEEP.

Alpha’r circular connectors that are compatible with SAP, ICP and CEEP


Our line of circular connectors is made up of lightweight but robust, reliable and, of course, highly resistant elements. They have an IP-68 sealing degree and half a million connection-disconnection cycles guaranteed.

They are mounted in brass, anodised aluminium in black colour or maintaining their natural or nickel-plated appearance, gold plated and both plastic and metallic tows.

They meet the demand for connecting pipes, hoses or cables ranging from 2 to 55 mm.


The circular connectors that are compatible with SAP, ICP and CEEP can be used:

  • Of course, male or female.
  • Aerial with or without fitting or aerial angled or also base with or without fitting.
  • In sizes T-10, T-20, T-30 and T-40.
  • With standard or painted finish.
  • With standard or insulating angular displacement.
  • With cable outlets in metal cable glands, contact metal cable glands earth, spiral plastic cable glands, cable glands for corrugated pipes or multi-wire plastic cable glands.

Possibilities and uses

Of course, we find them with different designs to be able to combine, if desired, coaxial contacts with electrical ones or to make contact joints of the same type. To do this, we found that it can be included or not in the base panels and in the aerial ones, it can be made angled, include anti-vibration system that includes a strapping… In short, there are various options to get all the types that we have mentioned before. It also responds to demand by going one step further and offering protective caps in all shapes and sizes.

The combination of their characteristics and particularities means that they can be used in a very wide range of sectors, among which we can highlight, to name a few, shows, measurement, signalling, automation, railways, automobiles and transport in general, robotics, machinery, lighting, sound, electronics, industry in general….

Advantages for Alfa’ R and our customers
We work with our own moulds and tools, having full control of the production process of these circular connectors that are compatible with SAP, ICP and CEEP and allowing us, of course, to make the best decisions to create high quality products that meet today’s demand. This also allows us to introduce as many changes as we want in a fast and effective way, which means that we can offer real solutions to the client.

This is all we can tell you about the circular connectors that are compatible with SAP, ICP and CEEP we have in Alfa’ R. If you want more details about them, do not hesitate to have a look at our catalogue of B-92 circular connectors or to ask us for advice. We will find the best solution for your needs!