Within our sector there are many sub-sectors of action. Although most manufacturers focus on the audiovisual theme or network connections, there are many worlds to explore and fields to cover. Of all of them, today we will talk about circular connectors for the military sector.

This has come a long way in recent years, but the definitive take-off has come with the use of new industrial connectors that far exceed the standards of the well-known U. S. Army’s Nett Warrior program.

What are the circular connectors for the military sector like?

These microplugs have been specifically designed to meet all the stringent performance requirements that are mandatory in military projects. So much so that this type of element can be used indistinctly in both systems and peripherals, obtaining the best results in any case.

Nett Warrior is a program that, among many other things, was developed to connect ground soldiers to the tactical network of the army directly. Instant communication tools are a must for this.

Devices are becoming increasingly compact and lightweight; however, they must always meet MIL-STD-810G performance and similar standards.

The cover of these connectors is made of high quality aluminum and they also have thermoplastic inserts. This makes it possible to offer a really small but very robust product, capable of being used perfectly in soldier-worn applications.

In addition, it is important that circular connectors for the military sector adequately withstand adverse situations by always offering a perfect connection. This is so because its great advantage is the access to information on the battlefield, giving it the denomination even superiority, so the importance of having a good connection is vital.

Thus, it is clear that these types of connections are essential around the world, working, as always, in a similar way to the American one, leading actions in almost any sector at all levels.

In addition to the above, it should be noted that these also stand out, and very positively, for their ability to couple separately, known as breakaway coupling. This makes it possible to quickly connect and disconnect the elements with a simple action.

Reliable circular connectors for the military sector

These OCH circular micro connectors were launched on the market some time ago on demand from the United States Army.

However, considering the importance of these and their usefulness, there are not a few brands that have set to work to be able to offer, in different parts of the globe, a product that with the same functionalities as our mc circular connectors.

MC circular ALFAR connector 19 contacts

Finally, we would like to invite you to take a look at our extensive catalogue of industrial connectors. In it you will find any product you may need for your connections; secure!

I have put this paragraph because I don’t know if they make any similar connectors; I’ve done it supposing not, generally speaking. But if something else could be better,”Alfar SL also has our own circular connectors for the military sector, with similar features”.