Choosing the right connection for each device is crucial. In many cases, beyond being a better or worse idea, it is necessary to the point that we can spoil these or, simply, that they do not work. Find out today which cables and connectors are used for power supply and signal transmission in pressure electronics.

Despite the fact that in the automation sector, for example, a sensor is selected with great care, little or no importance is given to a cable or connector, which causes many problems and delays in the installation of equipment. In fact, faults in machine sensors are often caused by faulty wiring at the mechanical level, which in turn are caused by problems with installation, improper use and the choice of characteristics that are incompatible with the activity.

This component is thought of as a mere element that ensures the connection and, not friends, goes much further. It is precisely in the cables and connectors that there is great potential for improving the availability of the equipment.

How to choose the right wiring and connections for power supply and signal transmission in pressure electronics?

Luckily or unfortunately, there is no magic recipe for selecting the right cables and connectors. For example, flexibility is not a requirement in well probes, but resistance to longitudinal penetration and traction is.

The best thing is to have a good knowledge of the characteristics of these and, above all, to be advised by professionals like us, who will always give you the most effective solution for your project.

Let’s see what are the selection criteria for the connections for feeding and transmitting electronic pressure signals.

– Mechanical resistance: The cables must obviously have good mechanical resistance. However, we will have to see what traction is expected, whether the installation will be flexible or fixed, etc.
– Extreme conditions: Shocks, EMC, vibrations, resistance to alkaline or acids, extended temperature ranges, etc. must all be considered.
– Temperature and humidity: What will this system have to withstand and will the protection be transversal or longitudinal?
– Protection: The connectors must be chosen taking into account certain conditions related to the ingress of foreign bodies as well as water, impacts, etc.
– Contact material: It is essential to determine the insertion cycles.

The range of cables and connectors for power supply and signal transmission in pressure electronics from Alfa´R

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