Discover today what our MultiContact B-SMP modules are like. We tell you how they are classified and what are the characteristics of ours, which we design and manufacture at Alfa´R.

Classification of the MultiContact B-SMP modules

The B-SMP MultiContact modules are classified according to the nature of their contacts and are divided as follows.


Mixed, male or female, all three possibilities can be given in the same monoblock.
Its contact section is given according to how many elements there are in each monoblock and can go from 2 to 16 through 3, 5, 8 and 10.
Its nominal current may be 7.5 amps, reaching even 25 amps, for each contact.
They have pins for crimping cable or for welding.


These modules are available in blocks with 2 connectors, male or female.
Its impedance will be 50 or 75 Omhios.
In the module, the connectors can be assembled and disassembled as required, requiring the use of an extraction tool.
They offer compatibility with D sub-coax connectors.

Compressed air and vacuum

These modules go in blocks of two connectors. These are female, male or combined.
Tube diameter 4 is used.

Fiber optics

The blocks can have 2, 3, 5, 10 and 16 connectors.

B-SMP MultiContact Modules from Alfa´R

Let’s also see the features of the B-SMP MultiContact modules that we manufacture here at Alfa´R, and that will therefore be included in any of the modular B-SMP products that you want us to design for you.

At Alfa´R our B-SMP MultiContact modules are made of a thermoset material capable of withstanding temperatures in the range of -40 to 120ºC. The exception to this is the 8 thermoplastic contacts, which work at colder temperatures, from -55º to 90º. The central electrical contact is made of brass and is gold-plated.

The female ones include safety springs and can be fitted, if desired, with the new TSS system, which offers half a million connection and disconnection cycles, ensuring unprecedented durability.

These are products with high impact resistance.

We have stacking compatibility for those versions that have 2, 3, 5 and 8 elements, because their length is the same, 3 cm.

These are used on MC connectors for RACKS and rectangular MC connectors.

The other two, 10 and 16 cm, can only be stacked with other elements of similar length, 5 and 7.4 cm respectively.

Each of the monoblocks has a fixing hole, either for plate or panel, as well as a centring device to help you align them.

In essence, this is what our MultiContact B-SMP modules are like. As you can see, these are products of the highest quality with which the possibilities are maximum. Their quality is unbeatable and, of course, they are guaranteed by Alfa´R.