Alfa’r is the brand par excellence to which you can turn for any need for connectors related to the automotive sector. We have an important professional career in the sector.

We will listen to your needs to analyze whether or not it has a solution and offer you the connector or coexion system for the automotive sector.

Our products are compatible with almost all internationally known connectors and connection elements, which is why we are not only a reference in Spain but also have a significant presence in many other countries in Europe and the rest of the world.

Other connectors and connection systems for the automotive sector

The automotive market has been revolutionized with the arrival of the new high-speed FPC connection system. The evolution in technology and knowledge has made possible the development of specific connectors for the automotive industry, thus meeting the requirements and needs of the connection systems of this sector.

As outstanding external connectivity plug-ins we see Yamaichi Electronics, which has launched a system that can transmit up to 20 Gbps. This new connector will be used to improve the connection systems of the automotive sector and we will show it below.

Technical Fundamentals

This connector sends signals according to the IEEE 802.3bj specification to reach the 28 GBps required by the data network segment in each channel, although Yamaichi Electronics is trying to achieve a formula that allows it to reach 56 Gbps with CEI-56GVSR&MR. The current model uses YFLEX technology.

The transmission system has a pitch of 0.5 mm, small and compact design and direct locking system for the FPC. This is essential in order to enter into sales in different markets such as industry, data networking and, of course, the automotive parts market.

The connection on the inside can also be achieved as a complete encapsulation system by providing cable and connector.

Can be used in environments with high current connectors (LVDS, V-by-One HS or TMDS) due to 100 Ohm impedance.

Features of the new connector

The dimensions of the largest model are 33.5 x 44.9 mm and the contact pitch is 0.5 mm. With such a small size you can save a lot of space for other PCB distributions. This connector can also be used for 30, 40 or 50 pins.

With this new connection system there is no need to put an adapter next to the cable; it is very easy to connect and can be assembled directly with the connector. When installing, the technician simply disconnects the connector and then pushes a metal piece (located in the middle of the connector) so that the cable is completely tightened. Once you have done this, the installation of the device is complete.

The HF513 is the ideal device for connections requiring high data rates. In addition, it can be used in areas where the density is very high.

We hope that we have illustrated you clearly about Alfa’r’s automotive connectors, but of course if you have any questions you can contact us.