The importance of the aeronautical sector in the transport industry demands the use of industrial connectors of the highest quality and durability. At ALFA’R Connectors we offer a range of aeronautical connectors. Find out more!


How should Aeronautical Industrial Connectors be?

Considering the complexity of this type of transport (as airplanes), each industrial component which is used in the manufacturing process must be light, with maximum durability, resistance, and efficiency.

Both the industrial connectors for this sector and the rest of the elements used in the compaction process must maintain a high firmness against vibration, shock, and lightning strikes.

In addition, its level of shielding against interference must respect the optimal margins that allow the proper functioning of the whole equipment. And they should also simplify the cabling architecture. All this with the purpose of adapting to an adverse and unpredictable environment. 

The industrial connectors within aeronautics have multiple uses. Compact, easy-to-install models are required as they are suitable for inline disconnected applications in the commercial aircraft segment.

RF adapters, the best alternative for aeronautics 

Also known as Radio Frequency Modulator, these are units that adjust any incoming signal to suitable signals to be processed. 

They are used, for example, to connect modern-range video devices to devices that do not have an adequate level of compatibility. The interfaces of these devices use this type of industrial connectors. Where the audio and video signals are converted into RF signals, which are encoded and decoded to obtain quality signals, free of interferences and with total security for all other devices in the plane.

ALFA’R coaxial RF adapters, the most used

From ALFA’R Connectors we offer quality products for the different industries that we supply, such as aeronautics. The connectors we offer in this industry are available in their straight, aerial, panel and angled versions. 

So our coaxial RF adapters work by mating connectors that belong to different series. Being possible to connect the different series, making an optimal adaptation to minimize the losses due to change of diameters, achieving a constancy in the impedance, and optimizing the VSWR 

However, our adapters have been designed using simulation programs, this means that optimized calculations and validations have been carried out that serve to configure each of the details of the custom models that we are designing, until we find the final result. It is worth mentioning that this type of industrial connectors is designed for both 50 and 75 Ω. And, in both cases, they offer amazing results in a frequency response while minimizing the losses. 

They are resistant, robust and flexible components. In addition, our variety of coaxial RF adapters are very wide, and they are thought for different applications.

If you need industrial connectors for aeronautics, do not hesitate to contact us. At ALFA’R we always work to satisfy your needs and demands.