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As an industrial connector company, we tell you that Esterline Connection Technologies is the firm that has designed the new Souriau 5-pin industrial connectors. This configuration was initially designed according to UL 1977, IEC 60184 and IEC 60320 standards, although many manufacturers have created their own models.

What is the performance of the 5-pin industrial connectors?


The 5-pin industrial connector works as follows:
The connector body will house the cable clamps and cable glands.
We need to connect the rear coupling to this one.
The metallic tabs of this one make it possible to hear a sound click that occurs when making the coupling.
As a whole, a very rigid structure will be formed to protect the cables from vibrations and/or pulling.
The contacts have a setscrew that will allow the cables to be fastened in their clamping cylinders.
This also guarantees the reliability of the connections between signal and current as well as their quality.
To unlock the connector, pull the plug out at the same time as pressing the metal tab.

Advantages of the 5-pin industrial connector

There are 2 main advantages of the 5-pin industrial connectors, in addition to the advantages of their field of application.


Two features of the 5-pin Soriau connectors made by Esterline are their push-pull closure and the thermoplastic receptacles and plugs. Both serve to ensure the safety of workers and, of course, the connections, while we use them.
The receptacle is mounted on panel surfaces with a maximum thickness of 3.2 mm with the aid of a nut.
There is also a mating surface between the panel and receptacle that is sealed with a silicon toroidal ring, ensuring protection against ingress IP69K and IP68 by the receptacle and connector pin. They are also water resistant even at high pressure.
The 5-pin industrial connector model, known as UTL, is designed to withstand temperatures up to 105ºC, also having a very good resistance to low graduation, being able to use it up to -40ºC.
Likewise, we emphasize that its durability is very high, exceeding 1000 connections and disconnections.

This element, which is so popular in our sector, serves to greatly improve the tasks carried out by operators working on aerial platforms. In the same way, those who work in any reduced space also benefit from it.
It has to be said that in the case of more conventional industrial applications, a version of the UTL 5-pin connector with crimped contacts is used. They resist up to 16 amperes of current and are capable of accommodating flexible cables up to 2.5 mm in diameter without any problem.
The range is thus able to adapt perfectly to the needs of any industrial application and also portable equipment.
Of course, we also have this type of industrial 5-pin connectors in our comprehensive catalogue of circular multi-contact connectors to meet the demands of any industry together with many other types of connections.