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The core and raison d’ être of any type of electrical connection takes place in the contact. With this stillness in mind the Hypertac connectors were created, which are characterized by turned male and female hyperboloid contacts.

With regard to the female contact, it has a set of wires that act as springs located at different angles starting from the central axis, thus forming the Hypertac hyperboloid contact system. In this way, when the male contact is introduced into the female contact, the flexible elements of the female contact are precisely adapted to the male contact, resulting in extremely light friction; therefore, wear is minimal.

This is a great advantage to be reckoned with because it saves a great deal of money on spare parts and maintenance.

Hypertac Connector Classes

The following types of Hypertac connectors exist in the world of electronics. The industry of this type of elements has advanced by leaps and bounds in recent years, so the variety that we can find in the market today is very wide and satisfies the needs of any sector.

Modular rectangles

This type of electrical connectors make use of a contact arrangement selection system which, as its name suggests, is based on the assembly of the modules. It therefore offers dozens of different combinations.

All contacts use the hyperboloid system and are characterized by being extremely robust; they are not altered or worn out by vibrations.

Mini Modular

High density contacts with up to 1000 signal contacts of 0.6 mm diameter are known as such. They incorporate a clip-on contact retention system and the cover in all cases is metal. The cable clamp ranges from 12 to 25 mm and has 5,000 connection cycles with the threaded puller.


Finally, REP connectors are based on the configuration of a sealed contact set, ensuring a fast, simple and reliable connection in all types of electronic equipment and installations. These connectors guarantee high performance as they allow up to 500 connection cycles.

They are also extremely easy to use, reducing both economic and human capital costs. They also have IP66 and IP67 protection and are flame retardant as they are made of polycarbonates (housing) and silicone (insulation).

Alfa’r Connectors and connectivity solutions

Alfar S. L. is an industrial connector company with over 50 years of experience in the industry. In our catalogue of industrial connectors you can find the widest variety of connectors: coaxial, multicontact, monopole and customized. Also, within these categories you can find a huge variety of different models and articles, which are precisely adapted to all needs.

We guarantee the highest quality in each and every one of our products; very safe electrical connectors, especially designed for all types of installations and appliances. The best solution for Hypertac compatible connectors is Alfar S. L. Maximum quality at the best price guaranteed.